Back taxes are a serious problem for millions of Americans. Almost anyone who's ever been self employed or missed a tax filing knows the stress and hardship that can be caused by having to pay back money to the IRS. This problem is often compounded by the additional burden of having to keep up on current taxes. Other problems can arise when information is missing making it difficult to file.

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Fortunately, there are solutions. The IRS has a number of programs that can help relieve the burden of paying back taxes. Our partners can help you communicate and negotiate with IRS so that you do not have to.

IRS Payment Plans: Federal Tax Repayment Plans
Not sure what payment plan to use to pay off those taxes that you can't pay in full? We can refer you to a partner to help you get the tax help you need.

Tax Problems: Information on Solutions to Tax Problems
Whether you are looking for information on a offer in compromise, penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief or you want to find more out about tax settlement services, we can refer you to a partner that will help you to meet your needs to get the best tax settlement for your unique tax and financial situation.


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